“Our floor install was quick, convenient and affordable!”

-Stephanie Miller

Tomball, TX

Get Installed For Only $2.50/sq ft!

*This rate includes installation for 1,000 sq. ft or more and 1 year warranty on labor.

If your floor needs additional preparation, please give us a call to confirm rate.

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Why should you choose us?

Very Experienced:

We have a lot of experience and we’re great at what we do. Flooring Installation or Repair is a risky project that requires experience and skill, so it’s important to pick a contractor with at least 10 years of experience.

Affordable Pricing:

We always quote a fair price based on our experience and knowledge in what it takes to get the job done properly. Call us today (281) 882-3138 to get a Free Flooring Installation and Repair Estimate, you may be pleasantly surprised at our great rates. If you’ve been quoted by another contractor, please let us know and we will see if we can beat your deal and win your business!

Licensed Contractors

Our contractors are highly trained, professional and licensed and follow strict safety guidelines do whatever it takes to ensure a safe environment even if it means bringing in more equipment for a project to eliminate risk. Our crew follows strict guidelines and best practices to ensure safety and a quality install.

Our Reputation:

We have built a strong base of loyal customers in Houston Texas, if you want to hear some cross references that’s no problem with us. Just give us a call to find out what past customers of ours to contact.

 (281) 882-3138

About Houston Flooring Contractors

We have been local to Houston Texas for many years and care a lot about this community. We have children that go to the public schools here and our company gets involved in many charity and public events. We are proud to call the great city of Houston our home. Many of our returning customers tell us that they feel that they can trust us because of our great communication over the phone and in person, as well as our great crew that is both friendly, knowledgeable & highly trained and skilled. Just from the way we carry ourselves and finishing every project in timely manner to the very end including cleaning up after ourselves, will hold testament to the fact that we are true professionals that take our jobs very seriously and care about your total satisfaction.

 (281) 882-3138

Benefits of Working With Houston Flooring Contractors

● A Houston Flooring Contractor is your source for EVERYTHING!

A Houston Flooring Contractor is all you need for your flooring project. We can handle everything from picking which style of flooring would be best for your home to installing and repair. We are professionals and make upgrading your floors easy.

● You save time and money

Instead of wasting material from installation mistakes and repairs, we can lower your risk and complete the job in a timely manner. If you try yourself, you’ll spend most of your time teaching yourself how to do the job and can end up playing the game of trial and error. A contractor would manage the project from start to finish, saving you time, money and frustration.

● Affordable Rates

We save our customers an average of 10% compared to local contractors. If you’ve received a quote from a flooring contractor, please give us a call at 281-882-3138. We will do our absolute best to get you the best deal.

Call Us: (281) 882-3138

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